Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

It was few years ago. In my country, Bulgaria, we have a tradition to make special Martenica gifts to our friends and family members. The Martenica is made of red and white threads. My daughter, who were 7 years old, had arranged these to Marteniza bracelets on the table (one for me and one for her dad). When we woke up in the morning we found our gifts that way, with a post card saying „Happy Grandma Marta’s day. From Kalina“.

I made the photo … at the same time my daughter was still sleeping. She had made us a midnight surprise 🙂

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  1. What a lovely surprise!

  2. Aww thats soo sweet 🙂

  3. What a thoughtful and creative daughter you have!

    • Yes, she is, just when she is truly inspired. But, she is almost a teenager now and the inspiration is lost somewhere in between the rebellion against everything and everyone and the idea that her life is only under her control and desire 🙂 I hope the inspiration will come back in few years time, at least she is still a folklore dancer!

  4. Thanks, to all of you 🙂 It feels so nice, especially for a person that participates in the weekly photo challenge for a first time!

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