The dancing fairies of folklore

You all know the cliche that our kids are our future. Yes, its a cliche, but it is still the truth (perhaps this is the reason to become a cliche :)).

Although I am not a witch, I saw the future these days, the future in the eyes, in the smiles, in the ambition of our children. They showed us that the joy and laughter, the happiness and satisfaction of the goals achieved will be always part of their lives. They convinced us, their parents, that their future will be bright and meaningful. (What else should a parent wish for?)

My daughter is a native folklore dancer. She is dancing in a children folklore еnsеmble Zornica. Two days ago they celebrated the еnsеmble’s fifth anniversary with grand concert. It was then, when I realized that my child is already a young and beautiful lady.

Here is a video of the latest dance that the kids have learned. It tells the story of the girls that gather rose blossoms for preparing the strongest fragrance – the rose oil. See the flower growing and the already grown up kids. All these dancers are at the age between 10 – 16 years old.


I am so very proud of them and so very grateful to their teachers!

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  1. Beautiful. Graceful. You must be so proud. 🙂

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