In the hands of nature (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands)

It is very often to forget that humans are not greater than Nature. We pollute our home, we clear forests, we leave thousands of animals homeless. And sometimes the Nature decides to show us that we are in its hands.

I was sleeping deeply during the night on May 22, when at 3 a.m. my bed decided to start dancing. It was just an earthquake.Well, it was the strongest earthquake in the country for the last 35 years and its epicenter was just 24 km from the city I live in. It was a long and scary earthquake. But, we were lucky, because the buildings were not ruined, yes damaged, but still not ruined. And most important – only one victim was registered, a victim of fear. I know that every life counts, but it could be far worse.

(The photo is not mine, I was too scared to take photos. it is taken from this website –

You will say that the earthquake is enough to feel that we are in the Nature’s hand, but for the Nature it was not enough. Right after the quake it started to rain. The rain turned out to a huge storm and meanwhile the aftershock continued with a number of earthquakes.We could not get out under the storm, we could not stay in, afraid of the next quake.

From our office window I was watching how a tree that grew up in front of my eyes were bending down under the wind.

We all wanted to go out to hold it up. It was so sad!

At the same time the road under the bridge next to the office was flooded. The small river next to the office yard went out on the street and cut off the road. The water level under the bridge had reached 1,20 m and perhaps even more. Few hours later people were still struggling with the water. I don’t know what is the feel to work under a bridge over a flooded road, not knowing whether the earth is going to shake again.

When I shot these guys I realized that we are really in the hands of Nature – one hand shaking under and the other – flooding form above.

The Nature was mad at us. I was not questioning why, because I knew that there are thousands of answers. But, it was not a punishment. It was just a warning.

Humans, we are all in the hands of Nature. So, stop and take a minute to think about it. Let us all try to live in a harmony with Nature, but not against it!

After all, everything was happening at the time when my favourite roses just blossomed to bring us joy 🙂

I love and respect the Nature in all its power and beauty. Fortunately our gardeners respect and love it too. The next day they saved the tree and I was so grateful about it!

There were no photos of hands, but I hope you were able to feel the hands of Nature, the hands of tender persons and the hands of those who really care!

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