An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

It was almost mid Summer. It was time for planning vacation and time for beautiful emotions. It was time for my kid to come back from a 10-days summer camp with the folklore ensemble she was dancing with. It was time for expectations… but I didn’t know that I expected the offer for a dream to come true.

It was almost a year after the doctors told me to forget about dancing on stage for good. It was almost three months after my friends started to provoke me to start dancing again and to go with them on a festival. It was almost a month after taking my final decision to start dancing again in the Fall. It was almost a week after developing a Summer vacation schedule for the entire team in the office. It was definitely not the right time for impossible ideas.

And here I was …expecting my kid to come back home, standing at the parking place, having a chat with other parents. The bus came, my daughter came, our choreographer also came. And there, next to the bus, under the melting-everything sun I received an offer that I could’t refuse:

„I have a place for the festival in Poland. You have to come with us“, said the choreographer.

My answer was „I do not dance, I do not know the dances, I do not have money, I do not have an opportunity to take a break from the office at that time“. But both the choreographer and the kid refused to listen to me. He said: „You will learn the dances“ (and I really did). She said „Go Mommy I will help you to learn everything, I will give you my savings“ (and she really helped). And finally, and totally unexpectedly my colleague said „We will change the schedule, you will go to Poland“ (and it happened that way).

So, this Summer the entire Universe helped me to make a dream come true. Would you refuse such an offer? 🙂

the third woman from left to right is me dancing 🙂
Time for writing the post: 13.55 min 🙂

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  1. Wonderful – do you also have pictures of you dancing?

  2. stayawhileletschat

    hello! found you on the wordpress site. very nice post. Just so happens I’m from PL 🙂 wish I could understand what you’re writing here other than this post so that I can follow you 😦

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