The story-teller

Sometimes I feel like may life is a little bit more interesting, than a person can handle. I don’t know why it happens that way. What I know for sure is that at least I provoke that kind of living somehow. Perhaps I just note all these small details that make the life interesting. Perhaps I am just too fool to take all the risks and a little bit crazy to make all these stupid things I’ve done.

As my colleague and friend Tanya says, I am full of stories. Stories of every kind – funny stories, bad stories, happy stories, sad stories. Some of them I call luck or faith, others – just experience 🙂

Being full of stories requires more than just bad luck. First of all you needs guts to face the challenge to be involved in, or to create the challenge by yourself. I think the last one is my specialty. Second, you have to open your senses to meet the challenge with all its colours, sounds and tastes. Third – you have to think about the challenge positively. And finally you have to be humorous enough to make it a funny story.

And suddenly you become a story- teller …forever!

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