Art from the heart

Dear friends,

I want to share with you a passion of mine, a passion that brings lots of interesting, intelligent and inspired people together, a passion that helped me to find wonderful friends. This passion is called Bulgarian folklore.

I have been devoted to folklore music and dances for about ten years. Dancing, for me, is not just a way to relax, but a lifetime experience. And even more that – it is a magic, a way to express myself, my joy or sadness, my heart and soul. It is part of being happy, of me being happy, of my mates being happy!

I am part of a folklore dance club called Mladost (Youth). Few weeks ago we participated in a folklore festival in Czech Republic. And this time we managed to record our program, making us very proud with the result seen. Now I want to show you, why we worked so hard during the past two month.

This is our art, coming from all our hearts. Enjoy 🙂

Daychovo at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Shopski tanz at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Zhutva (Harvest) at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Kukli (dolls) at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Kukeri at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Kopanitsa at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

Gabrovski at Rožnovské slavnosti 2013

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  1. ехе, страхотни сте! мн хубави са ви танците, и носиите, и всичкото! не гледах всички клипове покрай работата, но каквото можах да мерна, ме изпълни с ентусиазъм. Браво Пиле:)

    • Благодаря Ронка, ако си гледала първите три, значи и мен си гледала … не че мога да ти обясня къде съм де 🙂

  2. Юлке, що не вземеш да пуснеш някое клипче и в моята тепавица, та да ми вдигнеш малко рейтинга?! Поздравления за целия ви ансамбъл и лично на теб!

  3. Благодаря! Зад тази красота стои много труд и безкрайна любов 🙂

    Веднага ти изпълнявам заръката 🙂

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